dNotes Client is free to use

32bit vs 64bit

In September 2018, Microsoft changed the default installation of Office 365 and Office 2019 to 64bit. If you install dNotes Add-in 32bit version and the add-in does not load, you most likely need the 64bit version.

To check, in File|Options|Add-ins|Manage Com Add-ins, select dNotes and check the Load Behaviour. If it reads: 'Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in.' then the Add-in version does not match the PowerPoint version. You can confirm your PowerPoint version by clicking on File|Account|About, the top line will read: 'Microsoft PowerPoint xxxx 32-bit' or 'Microsoft PowerPoint xxxx 64-bit'.


dNotes Add-in is free to trial for 30 days.

It requires Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office and perhaps some .NET components which will automatically download on installation. A working Internet connection is generally required for the installation to succeed.

Installing from within your browser (Firefox/Chrome) can give an error. Unzip the file first and run setup.exe. If you unzip to the Downloads folder, the setup files will be marked as "downloaded from the internet" and a generic warning will always show. These applications are digitally signed and deployed using Microsoft ClickOnce technology.

dNotes Client Changelog:
 DateVersion Changes
 30/03/15 1.0.1 Added support for DPI scaling. Form shows correctly with any System Font setting.
 11/01/16 1.0.2 Disable screensaver while running. Code signing is now SHA256.

dNotes Add-in Changelog:
 DateVersion Changes
 10/03/15 Added support for 64bit Office.
 08/09/15 1.0.1 Additional spurious text on notes master is now ignored as notes.
 11/01/16 1.0.2 Bullet points and numbered lists now correctly recognised (including indent). Code signing is now SHA256.
 07/05/16 1.0.3 Fixed some presentation's notes not being visible (thanks Tim Perrett).
 Indentation and vertical tab support improved.
 27/07/16 1.0.4 Re-activation failure detection improved and user given opportunity to enter a new product key.
 06/10/16 1.0.5 dNotes no longer interferes with slide editing (motion paths etc.) in PowerPoint 2016.
 07/02/17 1.0.6 Activation issue with Windows 10 fixed.
 04/04/17 1.0.7(32bit) 1.0.7(64bit) Activation in 64bit PowerPoint installations now possible again with a new 64bit version of dNotes
 05/04/18 1.0.8(32bit) Refreshed code signing certificate