Remote Show Control v1.2.4

A PowerPoint add-in that provides remote network control of some PowerPoint functions, particularly those relating to the loading and running of presentations and the control of slideshows. Ideal for remotely controlling 1 or more PowerPoint machines.

Some support with Companion v.1.4, better support with Companion v2.0.

Integrates completely with PowerPoint. Commands are sent as UTF8 via UDP and TCP (full protocol in User Manual).

Download manual PDF or Word

Supported Commands

 Command Description
 OPEN Open a presentation 
 CLOSE Close a presentation 
 RUN Start a slide show 
 RUNCURRENT Start the slide show at the current slide 
 STOP Stop a slideshow 
 NEXT Click forwards 
 PREV Click backwards 
 GO Go to numbered slide or start of section 
 SETBG Set desktop wallpaper background to current slide in show 
 FIND Return list of presentations found in a folder 


05/02/20 Added FIND <path>, RUNCURRENT, UTF8 support, reworked RUN "filename" logic (see manual)
27/01/20 Added GO "<sectionname>"
26/08/19 Added GET HTTP function that executes from slide notes
27/11/18 Changed log viewer to one that doesn't throw errors :)
17/10/18 TCP connections now persist correctly

Minimum Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office
  • Two computers sharing a LAN connection