dNotes Client is free to use

With the release of dNotes Add-in 1.0.9, installation is much simpler. Only one installer is required for 32 and 64 bit Office. Please test this out - I have only been able to install it on a handful of computers so far and would like to hear if you have any problems. The older versions are still available below.

Older versions

32bit vs 64bit
In September 2018, Microsoft changed the default installation of Office 365 and Office 2019 to 64bit. If you install dNotes Add-in 32bit version and the add-in does not load, you most likely need the 64bit version.

To check, in File|Options|Add-ins|Manage Com Add-ins, select dNotes and check the Load Behaviour. If it reads: 'Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in.' then the Add-in version does not match the PowerPoint version. You can confirm your PowerPoint version by clicking on File|Account|About, the top line will read: 'Microsoft PowerPoint xxxx 32-bit' or 'Microsoft PowerPoint xxxx 64-bit'.


dNotes Add-in is free to trial for 30 days.

It requires Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office and perhaps some .NET components which will automatically download on installation. A working Internet connection is generally required for the installation to succeed.

Installing from within your browser (Firefox/Chrome) can give an error. Unzip the file first and run setup.exe. If you unzip to the Downloads folder, the setup files will be marked as "downloaded from the internet" and a generic warning will always show. These applications are digitally signed and deployed using Microsoft ClickOnce technology.

dNotes Client Changelog:
 DateVersion Changes
 30/03/15 1.0.1 Added support for DPI scaling. Form shows correctly with any System Font setting.
 11/01/16 1.0.2 Disable screensaver while running. Code signing is now SHA256.
 07/04/20 1.0.3 If notes font is automatically reduced, indicate on UI

dNotes Add-in Changelog:
 DateVersion Changes
 10/03/15 Added support for 64bit Office.
 08/09/15 1.0.1 Additional spurious text on notes master is now ignored as notes.
 11/01/16 1.0.2 Bullet points and numbered lists now correctly recognised (including indent). Code signing is now SHA256.
 07/05/16 1.0.3 Fixed some presentation's notes not being visible (thanks Tim Perrett).
 Indentation and vertical tab support improved.
 27/07/16 1.0.4 Re-activation failure detection improved and user given opportunity to enter a new product key.
 06/10/16 1.0.5 dNotes no longer interferes with slide editing (motion paths etc.) in PowerPoint 2016.
 07/02/17 1.0.6 Activation issue with Windows 10 fixed.
 04/04/17 1.0.7(32bit) 1.0.7(64bit) Activation in 64bit PowerPoint installations now possible again with a new 64bit version of dNotes
 05/04/18 1.0.8(32bit) Refreshed code signing certificate
 07/04/20 1.0.9 Added support for deactivations. 32 and 64 bit combined installer